Which one hurts the knee more when riding a bicycle or walking?

The recent development of sports is mainly cycling and weight loss, but I heard that the ability to exercise is particularly good for hurting the knee. I don’t know which one of my cycling or walking hurts my knee?

To be precise: proper cycling and walking will not hurt your knees.

Walking and biking are neither exercises that put a lot of pressure on the knees.chopper bike motorcycle Under the standard weight, the pressure on the knees caused by the correct operation is 0.5-1 times of the body weight. Walking, long-distance walking, etc. are likely to cause damage to the knee. Other jumping actions such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, rope skipping, running, and frog jumping are more likely to damage the knee.

The aerobic exercise that does not hurt your knees

The aerobic exercise capacity for a knee joint with less functional impairment usually includes swimming or rowing.

Swimming can be said to have the least impact on the knee joints of all sports, because each joint of the human body basically does not bear weight in the water. In addition, the buoyancy of water can help people move their joints while losing weight. But swimming is a difficult technique to learn. If the posture is not correct, it can also cause damage to the knee joint.

However, the rowing machine does not carry any weight when sitting and sliding, or part of the knee joint is compressed, and the angle of flexion and extension of some joints is also within a safe range. But rowing is only common in modern gyms and studios, and few people use it.

There is also an elliptical machine. When the elliptical machine uses the trajectory of the elliptical machine to move the legs, the trajectory is fixed, and the pedaling frequency is more appropriate, so the damage to the knee joint is less.

Which one is better to lose weight by cycling or walking

You can lose weight, mainly depending on the amount of exercise and whether you can persist.

Under the same distance, riding 10 kilometers consumes about 260 calories, an average of 26 calories per kilometer, while walking 10 kilometers can consume 375 calories, and an average of 37.5 calories per kilometer. For example, walking consumes more calories.

But weight loss is a long-term process, and it is closely related to your exercise volume and your perseverance. If you like cycling, then cycling is a better way to lose weight, because both are good aerobic weight loss, you can continue to lose weight successfully, if you exercise occasionally, it is impossible to lose weight.

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