Soda, many people drink it wrong

  Soda water is highly sought after because it claims “can change acidic physique, neutralize stomach acid, relieve gout” and other effects, and some people even use it as daily drinking water. But it needs to be reminded that although soda water can help health to some extent, the effect is limited, and it is not suitable for everyone.

  There are two main types of sodas currently on the market: one is natural soda, which is a weakly alkaline water containing a variety of minerals, trace elements and sodium bicarbonate; the other is soda, which is artificially synthesized The soda water is made by pressing carbon dioxide into purified water and adding sweeteners and spices.

  From a medical point of view, the weak alkalinity of soda water does have certain health benefits. It can alkalize urine, promote the dissolution of uric acid, and relieve gout to a certain extent. It can also neutralize stomach acid and help relieve symptoms of stomach acid. Many people abroad have the habit of drinking soda after exercise, which can promote the neutralization of lactic acid and alkaline water into inorganic salts, which are excreted with sweat and urine to relieve fatigue, backaches and other discomforts. However, there is no scientific basis to prove that soda water can change the acid-base physique. The acid-base physique itself is a pseudo-concept. No matter what food is eaten, it will become acidic in the stomach. Foods with different pH levels cannot change the pH of body fluids.

  What needs to be reminded is that the above mentioned are all the effects of natural soda water. The “soda drink” containing carbon dioxide and weakly alkaline soda water are completely two concepts. Because the mineral elements in natural soda water are in an ionic state, they are easier for the human body to absorb; while artificial soda water does not have this point, it contains a large number of additives, which may also cause blood sugar and blood lipids to increase. When buying soda water, you should choose more natural soda water. The identification method is very simple, just see if there is “sodium bicarbonate” in the ingredient list.

  In addition, soda water is not suitable for everyone, you should pay attention to the following 3 points before drinking:

  First, soda water contains sodium bicarbonate. Excessive intake of sodium ions, an important ingredient in it, is harmful to the health of patients with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and chronic kidney disease. people with such diseases should try not to drink it.

  Second, patients with gastritis who have too little gastric acid secretion should drink less, or even not drink, to avoid stomach discomfort or aggravation of gastric disease.

  Third, healthy people should also not drink large amounts of soda for a long time, otherwise it will easily cause excessive sodium in the diet, which is harmful to cardiovascular health.

  Finally, I emphasized that it is okay to drink it occasionally at the level of natural soda. For example, for healthy people, after exercise, when the stomach is upset, you can drink about 100ml, but it must not be excessive, let alone replace boiled water and become daily drinking water. ▲